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Oil & gas

We offer more than 80,000 possible configurations for O&G sensing.




Exploration & production

Smartly equipped wells, using a complex array of IoT and DAS systems, can transport telemetry data to the surface. Those working on the wells can use the data to find small cracks and optimize their extraction capabilities.

Temperature information from such fiber optic backed systems can provide additional details for oil wells operators for hot and cold injections of liquids and gases, along the entire depth of the well. The cables supplied by NBG offer excellent metal-sheet coating for insulation and can provide high bandwidth for monitoring multiple parameters, such as pressure, temperature, etc.

  • Excellent metal-sheet coating for insulation
  • High bandwidth for monitoring multiple parameters
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Vibration is a common phenomenon in nature and even more so during intense mechanical and drilling operations. The different sources of vibration have different frequency ranges. They are critical for the health of the instruments and equipment, especially when the waves meet their natural frequency, i.e., mechanical resonance effect. Traditional vibrational sensors suffer from electromagnetic interference and are far from the demands of modern engineering technology. 

NBG offers a wide range of optical sensing tubes and cables, which can detect a vast array of frequencies. But unlike traditional sensors, fiber-optic technology is entirely immune from EM interference.

  • Accurate monitoring of the pipeline's structural integrity 
  • No electromagnetic interference
  • Detection of a vast array of frequencies 
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Harsh environments are a common challenge in offshore drilling and explorration for Oil andGas. There are great risks involved including human lives and expensive drilling equipment. Using end-to-end fiber solutions is a viable option that offers complete monitoring of the sea bed and downhole to the topside. This approach lowers costs in the long run by minimising risks, shortening diagnostic times and ensuring smooth maintenance procedures.

NBG provides a vast array of optic fiber cables with metal sheeting that can withstand the corrosive effects of seawater and high pressures.

  • Subsea pipeline monitoring
  • Subsea monitoring of downhole drilling
  • Subsea Oil & Gas exploration
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Leakage detection

Oil & Gas infrastructure requires constant monitoring to prevent leakages with potentially catastrophic consequences for the environment.

We offer a wide selection of Fiber in Metal Tube that:

  • Cover vast distances
  • Have an extremely low optical loss
  • Perform well in various meteorological conditions
  • Are extremely durable
  • Requiring little to no maintenance
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Temperature monitoring

Two of the three most common detectable effects in pipeline leaks are related to temperature loss. By using an optical fiber sensor you ensure the fastest response in the event of an emergency. This means a safer environment for employees and less downtime due to accidents or inspections.

  • Reliable fire detection
  • Pinpoint exact location of leaks
  • Increase overall safety 
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Flow Monitoring

Ensure better performance by implementing long-range oil & gas pipeline monitoring. By monitoring the quantity of flow between selected points of the pipeline through distributed fiber optic sensing (DAS), you can reduce expenses by preventing and discover issues with pumping and valve equipment and by performing intricate maintenance work only when necessary.

  • Less downtime
  • Accurate diagnostics
  • Decrease in maintenance work 
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Temperature monitoring

The transformation of heavy Oil into synthetic crude Oil includes operations at very high temperatures, often exceeding 500 C. In refineries, such processes occur in the upgrader reactors, where the thermal stress is the highest. As a result, the risk of wall-thinning is always a threat.

Without the right sensing technology in place, you can have high operating costs due to unnecessary maintenance work, unnecessary shutdowns, damaged equipment. Continuous monitoring by integrated FoS systems with basalt combined tubes by NBG is the perfect solution to withstand such intensive operations.

  • Improve the safety of the facilities
  • Lower the utility costs & overall expenditures
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Health monitoring with DAS

The constant strain of a material during the refining process, from the extreme heat and pressure, could lead to metal fatigue, corrosion, potential failure in crucial equipment. If left unnoticed, such risks could easily lead to catastrophic incidents, which pose a threat to human life and industrial equipment. Integrated monitoring systems with the sensing cables of NBG are the industry's standard answer to improve safety and reliability.

  • Lower rate of metal fatigue
  • Detect corrosion damage
  • Detect  failure in crucial equipment
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